Tooth Fillings 101

toothcircleblueYour teeth are composed of layers of tissue, the outermost of which is called “enamel.” The wonderful thing about enamel is that it’s extremely strong and protects the deeper tissue layers, as well as the internal body of your tooth. Unfortunately, even though your enamel is strong, it is not completely immune to problems. Particularly when it comes to the damage caused by plaque – namely, tooth decay – you may find yourself in need of a tooth repair. Ready for the good news? We offer dental fillings to restore your tooth, so you can regain your healthy, beautiful smile. Learn more:

Why We Recommend A Filling

Here’s what happens to your tooth when plaque sits on its surface all day: The plaque is full of bacteria. Those bacteria eat carbohydrates in your mouth and, as they digest these particles, they release acids. As you can imagine, the acids have the ability to break down tissues. Eventually, a small hole will form in your tooth. We call this a cavity. A dental filling includes numbing of your tooth tissue, the removal of the decay (which will worsen until professionally treated), fill your tooth, and restore both structure and comfort.

How Fillings Protect You

A filling protects you by stopping the problem in its tracks and keeping your tooth from becoming any more vulnerable to breakage or to deep decay. You see, if your tooth’s tissues become delicate, your tooth may shatter. Or, bacteria may invade through a deep cavity, which may then result in a tooth infection. As you may know, a tooth infection will require a root canal treatment to restore your oral health. So, when we say we are serious about offering dental fillings to protect you, now you understand why.


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