Dental Crown Placement: Your Questions

dentalcrownHave you recently discovered that you need a dental crown for your dental health concern? If so, a part of you may feel relieved that you have found a solution to end your discomfort and to address your damaged tooth. However, you may still have some lingering questions about what to expect from your experience in receiving this dental prosthetic. To address your concerns, we have created the following question-and-answer session, so you can feel empowered about your choice:

Questions About Crown Placement

Question: How do you begin the process of creating my crown?

Answer: We will begin by prepping your tooth. This is a simple process. We may need to remove decay or gently reshape your tooth to promote an exceptional fit with your crown. Keep in mind, you will enjoy completely numb tooth and gum tissue as the result of local anesthetic, so the preparation process will be comfortable. Once your tooth is ready, we will take impressions, which we will provide to a dental lab where a highly skilled technician will create your crown.

Question: What will I do while my crown is being created?

Answer: You will wear a temporary crown to protect your tooth and to allow you to function comfortably on a daily basis, while your crown is in the creation process.

Question: How do you place a crown once it’s ready?

Answer: Once your permanent crown is delivered to us, you will visit us for placement. It is important that we make sure the crown fits beautifully and comfortably. We will cement it in place over your remaining natural tooth and may make minor adjustments until your bite feels just right.


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