What To Expect From Root Canal Therapy

womanworriedAre you hesitating to treat your infected tooth? If so, this feeling likely stems from the fact that you don’t know the much about root canal therapy and what you can expect. By demystifying a root canal treatment, you will quickly find that it is anything but a monster. Instead, you will see that the treatment is comfortable, effective, and can help save an otherwise highly problematic tooth. Ready to learn more about what to expect from your upcoming visit? Read further:

Root Canal Therapy Steps

  1. You will visit us for the first of what is usually a two-visit process.
  2. We will numb your tooth tissue. In addition, we will numb the tissue surrounding your tooth, so you can expect a completely relaxed, comfortable procedure.
  3. We need to access the infected dental pulp within your tooth. To accomplish this, we will create a small opening within your tooth.
  4. Next, we will remove your dental pulp. This is the tissue that lines the interior portion of your tooth, including your roots (or the lowermost hollow channels of your teeth), also called “root canals.”
  5. After we remove the tissue from within your tooth, we will then ensure your tooth is smooth, clean, and free of debris.
  6. We will re-seal your roots with a rubber-like substance. This material is called gutta percha and will protect your tooth from future invasion by harmful bacteria.
  7. We will fill your tooth, much like we do with a dental filling. This will protect the structural integrity.
  8. We will carefully sculpt your tooth tissue to prepare it for the placement of a dental crown. A crown is a hollow, prosthetic tooth that we will place over your remaining natural tooth to offer protection and improved structure, so you can return to daily speaking and chewing without problems with function. This will also ensure that your bite remains balanced.
  9. We will take impressions of your teeth, which we will send to a dental lab where your crown will be created.
  10. You will re-visit us, so we may permanently place your dental crown to complete your root canal therapy.


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