How Dental Technology Improves Your Smile

How Dental Technology Helps Your SmileGadgets have improved many aspects of our lives. From the television remote control to streamlined shopping, we interact with sophisticated computer programs and machinery every day. Our dental office takes pride in keeping current with tooth and mouth care innovations. Where dentists once depended on good lighting and keen eyesight to diagnose problems, we have better options today. Advances in dental technology give us great ways to both improve the look of your smile, and make sure your teeth are in good condition.

Digital X-rays Advantages

Traditional dental x-rays have been a helpful diagnostic tool for years. They allow us to look at the roots of your teeth. They are necessary to plan any orthodontic changes (changes made by moving your teeth). They can help us place implants and locate wisdom teeth before they erupt through the gums. Digital x-rays offer all the benefits of regular x-rays, with the additional advantages that we can easily enlarge them to see very fine details. We can also share them with other dentists or oral specialists with the click of button and we can keep them easily and neatly as a permanent part of your file.

DIAGNOdent: Spotting Trouble As Soon As Possible

One of the benefits of regular checkups and cleanings is that they allow us to see the state of your teeth. Even people who brush regularly and are diligent about flossing can develop a soft spot, which can progress to a cavity. Children, who may not be in the brushing habit, are also at risk. With the DIAGNOdent dental laser, we can locate trouble areas that are not yet clearly visible to the naked eye.

Very Small Cameras That Go In Your Mouth

An intraoral camera is a device at the end of a wand, which we can use see behind and between your teeth. If we notice you are missing spots while brushing or flossing, we can use the camera to let you see the area, and help you improve your technique. If a filling is loose or if a discolored tooth is signaling it needs help, the intraoral camera pictures will let you see the area we have noticed as needing attention. Not only can you see the areas while you are in our office, but the photos will be a part of your file and could be printed out or sent to other specialists should the need arise.


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