Month: July 2015

Healthy Teeth for Back to School 

We hope you’ve had a great summer! It’s not over yet, but school is on the horizon. It’s time to be thinking about back to school necessities like a backpack, pencils, papers, and a smile that is healthy and bright. Regular brushing and flossing habits should be maintained year round. You can model these daily… Read more »

Preventive Dentistry for Children and Adults

We aren’t born with teeth, but the first baby teeth begin to emerge from the gums at about six months. From that point on, knowing parents can begin to help infants and toddlers with preventive dental care. As children grow older, they can take on more responsibility, which ideally will continue through adulthood. There may… Read more »

Are Porcelain Veneers in Your Future?

Are you daydreaming about a more beautiful smile? Do you sometimes look in the mirror and imagine a smile with teeth that line up attractively and match one another? Porcelain veneers can address cosmetic issues of tooth size, spacing and color. Don’t think that dental veneers are only for actors and models. People in all… Read more »