Preventive Dentistry for Children and Adults

Preventive Dentistry For Children and AdultsWe aren’t born with teeth, but the first baby teeth begin to emerge from the gums at about six months. From that point on, knowing parents can begin to help infants and toddlers with preventive dental care. As children grow older, they can take on more responsibility, which ideally will continue through adulthood. There may come a point when elder adults may again need help or reminders to get maximum preventive dental benefit. Preventive care is a vital factor in healthy teeth throughout your life.

Preventive Care for Young Children

As soon as teeth begin to erupt from the gums, they are susceptible to decay from the bacteria that live in the mouth. These bacteria feed off sugars present in milk, baby foods and the regular foods and drinks that children enjoy. Very young teeth can be gently wiped with a soft cloth. When children can grip a toothbrush, they can be helped to brush. Children should begin to visit for checkups and cleanings at about age two. Dental sealants and fluoride treatments are just two of the preventive tools our office uses, that can greatly benefit young teeth.

Preventive Care in Early Adulthood and for Adults

It may be hard to tell some teenagers what to do, but anything that will strengthen their teeth will benefit them in the long run. While teens and young adults are less likely to be troubled by gum disease, preventive care habits established in early adulthood can head off dental problems later in life.

Preventive Care for Older Adults

Adults are more susceptible to gum disease, in both the mild form (gingivitis) and the more serious form (periodontal disease). The longer we live, the more our teeth are exposed to factors that may cause cavities, chips or cracks. At checkups, screenings for oral cancers are important. Increased need for medications with side effects such as dry mouth make preventive care vital as we age. Stiffer fingers and memory issues can affect home preventive habits later in life. If you have preventive care concerns for you, your children or your parents, please discuss them with us.


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