Month: August 2015

Fixes for Removing Teeth Stains from Coffee

Are you a coffee lover? You may love your morning cup of joe but hate the stubborn teeth stains that result from your daily coffee routine. Habitual coffee drinking can lead to teeth yellowing and deep-set stains that dull the appearance of teeth. The pigments in dark-colored beverages, such as coffee, red wine, and soda,… Read more »

Do You Need to Floss Daily?

The importance of brushing your teeth daily is obvious to most patients, but do you need to floss daily too? The answer is a resounding yes, because daily flossing is just as important as daily teeth brushing. Flossing between your teeth and around your gum line is a necessary step in your daily at-home dental… Read more »

5 Dental Treatments to Transform Your Smile

Your smile communicates so much about your personality. When you look into the mirror and smile, are you happy with the smile you see? Whether you want a minor boost to your grin or a complete makeover of your teeth, there are several options for dental treatments to transform your smile. Both cosmetic and restorative… Read more »

5 Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay & Gum Disease

Nearly all American adults experience forms of tooth decay and gum disease, most commonly in the form of cavities and gingivitis detected during routine dental visits. Cavities and gingivitis are common, and start as small concerns, but when left untreated they can quickly escalate to more severe dental disease. Despite what statistics may suggest, keeping… Read more »