Want to Know More About Invisalign®?

know more about invisalignAlignment is important when it comes to your dental health. Straight teeth, for instance, are more than just attractive, they also function better when you bite and chew. When your teeth are crooked, but you don’t want to wear conventional metal braces to straighten them, Invisalign® may be your best option. Made from removable, nearly-invisible aligners, rather than semi-permanent braces, Invisalign® is a more cosmetically-appealing alternative to traditional braces. The clear braces system can give you the straight smile you want while allowing you to avoid the potential drawbacks of metal brackets and wires.

They’re Not Braces, Really

Despite their common name – clear braces – Invisalign’s aligners are not exactly braces; at least, not in the conventional sense. While orthodontic braces rely on brackets bonded to your teeth and an arch wire connecting them, Invisalign’s aligners are made from clear, comfortable acrylic and slip comfortably over your teeth. Unlike braces, the aligners can be removed as needed, and are designed to remain nearly-invisible when they’re in place.

Invisalign® Is the Most Convenient Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign straightens teeth using similar principles as conventional braces. They gradually and carefully nudge your teeth towards more symmetrical positions, but they do so in a more convenient way than ever before. Invisalign aligners are made in a series, with each aligner designed to complete a certain phase of teeth movement. To progress through your treatment, simply change your current aligner for the next in the series after a couple of weeks.

You’re Likely a Good Candidate

One of the greatest things about Invisalign clear braces is that it can be a suitable option for many teens and adults who wish for straighter smiles. However, patients with severe tooth misalignment and young children whose oral structures are still developing may have to rely on more traditional orthodontic braces.