Are You In Need Of Restorative Dentistry?

restoreIf you are wondering exactly what is restorative dentistry, it can run the gamut from dental fillings, to caps, to dental implants. Restorative dentistry is the restoration of the function and esthetics of your mouth and teeth. Most general dentists can perform restorative procedures, particularly dental fillings. However, some procedures such as dental implants require invasive surgery and, therefore, unless properly trained, your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon. Are you in need of restorative dentistry? If so, look no further. Here at 7 Day Dental several restorative procedures are offered.

The Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

Just as you restore a house by adding new windows, doors, flooring, remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms, and repainting walls, dentists can restore your teeth by capping old teeth, filling decayed teeth, replacing missing teeth, and repairing cracks, or covering fractures and craze lines. Dental restorative procedures not only improve your smile they improve the functionality of your dentition and increase your overall dental health. A healthy mouth is a healthy body because oral problems can lead to other health issues.

Restorative Procedures

Dental fillings are a restorative procedure that most everyone has had performed at one point or another. Other restorative procedures include:

Tooth removal (extractions) and replacement procedures: replacement procedures include dental bridges and surgical implants.

Tooth repair procedures: these procedures include root canals which prevent the loss of a tooth that has enough healthy tooth structure to save, crowns (also referred to as caps), and more.

More Information

For more information regarding the differences between general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry, you can contact your dentist or stay tuned right here for future blogs.