Month: January 2016

Fixed Bridge VS Removable Bridge

When you lose a tooth the gap it leaves in your smile, even if it is a back tooth, can be troubling. Not only does it affect your self-confidence because every time you open your mouth to laugh, smile, or yawn the gap becomes apparent, but it also affects your bite and chewing functions. It… Read more »

Be A King, But Not Just For A Day

Are you going around with a cracked or broken tooth? Maybe part of your tooth cracked and fell out but the filling stayed intact? That can make it difficult to chew. The tooth may be sensitive to heat or cold, achy at times, or even sensitive to the air when you open your mouth. But… Read more »

What Treatment Is Right For You?

There are so many dental treatments available today that it gives you many options when you have a problem. Some treatments cost more because they are more invasive, the materials are more esthetic and longer lasting, and/or the treatment is more complex and takes longer. Other treatments are faster, easier, less-invasive and usually less expensive,… Read more »

Fillings: Composite VS Amalgam

For decades the silver amalgam filling has been the go-to filling for dentists, but since the development of tooth-colored composite fillings, that has changed. You now have a choice when it comes to dental fillings. What is the difference between composite and amalgam and when it comes to fillings, which one should you choose?