Month: February 2016

Dental Implants: How’s Your Candidacy?

Do you think that from among the different tooth replacement treatments available to you, dental implants are your best choice? Are you happy to discover this solution that addresses all of your needs and preferences but you are not certain at this point whether you will qualify to receive implants? Don’t feel too concerned – we… Read more »

Dentures: Answering Your Questions

If you are thinking about choosing full or partial dentures to complete your smile after tooth loss, you will find that you might have more questions than you realized. Before you make a final decision, we encourage you to think over the answers to frequently posed questions (and schedule a consultation with us) to ensure… Read more »

Why Address Missing Teeth?

When you find yourself faced with tooth loss, you may not know where to turn. Perhaps, you think to yourself that you should simply accept the open spaces in your smile. However, what you may not know is that neglecting to replace your missing teeth can lead to serious consequences. The good news is that… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy FAQs

  Have you already recognized the importance of scheduling your root canal therapy, since it will allow us to rescue your tooth? Perhaps while you are fully aware of the benefits of this restorative procedure, you are still somewhat uncertain about why a root canal is the treatment of choice and what you can expect… Read more »