Root Canal Therapy FAQs


FAQschalkHave you already recognized the importance of scheduling your root canal therapy, since it will allow us to rescue your tooth? Perhaps while you are fully aware of the benefits of this restorative procedure, you are still somewhat uncertain about why a root canal is the treatment of choice and what you can expect during your visit. We are happy to fill you in on the details with a few frequently asked questions and answers.

Frequently Asked Questions: Root Canal Therapy

Question: Why are you suggesting I receive root canal therapy for my tooth?

Answer: We suggest a root canal when the dental pulp in your tooth becomes damaged, either due to injury or infection. Your pulp is a tissue that keeps your tooth alive and nourished – it lines your tooth’s body and roots. Once damage occurs, it will not heal. We must remove it (with a root canal) to prevent serious complications and tooth loss.

Question: Will root canal therapy destroy my tooth? What will I be left with?

Answer: Your tooth will technically no longer be living but it will be able to remain in your smile, while providing you with its intended function: You will be able to chew, speak, and regain your normal daily life. We achieve this full tooth restoration by covering remaining tissue with a lovely crown to complete your root canal.

Question: Can you reassure me that the root canal therapy procedure will be comfortable and relaxed?

Answer: Of course! Regardless of what you have heard about root canals, they are simply a little longer than other treatments. As for your comfort, we make it our priority: We will numb your tissues and also offer sedation if you feel anxious about the visit.