Why Address Missing Teeth?

whyworldWhen you find yourself faced with tooth loss, you may not know where to turn. Perhaps, you think to yourself that you should simply accept the open spaces in your smile. However, what you may not know is that neglecting to replace your missing teeth can lead to serious consequences. The good news is that we offer a variety of replacement options like dental implants, so you may regain a full, functional, gorgeous smile. To begin, simply learn more about why addressing missing teeth is so important.

Missing Teeth Can Mean Misalignment

When an open space occurs in your smile due to tooth loss, you may develop an additional problem. The remaining teeth will not stay in place. Instead, they will slowly migrate in the direction of the open area. Over time, you will experience misalignment that can look unsightly, become uncomfortable, and even lead to bite-related problems like TMJ disorder and bruxism. By choosing dental implants or other restorations to fill the space, you ensure your alignment remains uninterrupted.

Missing Teeth Can Cause Oral Health Decline

An open space in your smile provides significant problems when it comes to hygiene. The opening tends to harbor debris after you have eaten, which can cause you a lot of frustration throughout the day. Feeling too challenged when it comes to keeping this area clean can lead to an increased chance of tooth decay or gingivitis.

Missing Teeth Lower Your Quality Of Life

Open spaces in your smile can make eating meals uncomfortable, commonly leading to the need to change your diet or stop eating in public. Attempting to pronounce your words like you usually do can even make speaking difficult. Replace your teeth with a solution like dental implants to protect your happiness.