Dentures: Answering Your Questions

denturelowerIf you are thinking about choosing full or partial dentures to complete your smile after tooth loss, you will find that you might have more questions than you realized. Before you make a final decision, we encourage you to think over the answers to frequently posed questions (and schedule a consultation with us) to ensure you choose the prosthetic best for your unique smile requirements.

Q&A: Dentures

Question: How do traditional full and partial dentures receive their support in my smile? Do I have to do anything special?

Answer: A traditional denture is a device you will wear over your dental ridge. If you’re wearing a full device, it will rest over your entire arch – the suction naturally formed in your mouth will provide support. If you choose a partial, suction will offer some of the support (it will also gain some stability from its clasps, which will rest on your natural teeth. You don’t need to do anything special, though you may use denture adhesive for further stability.

Question: What if I want the support of a fixed prosthetic but I really like the idea of dentures? Can you help me?

Answer: If you love the idea of a full or partial denture but you are seeking additional stability, we will suggest you consider implant-supported dentures. After the placement of implant posts to replace missing tooth roots, you will receive a denture that has been custom made to sit securely over the implants for heightened stability.

Question: How long are my dentures going to last? Will I need to repair or replace them eventually?

Answer: Your dentures may last anywhere from five years to around 10 years (however, it’s possible for them to last longer). You may need occasional repairs and will need to replace them if you find that they no longer fit correctly.