Dental Implants: How’s Your Candidacy?

questionmarkyellowDo you think that from among the different tooth replacement treatments available to you, dental implants are your best choice? Are you happy to discover this solution that addresses all of your needs and preferences but you are not certain at this point whether you will qualify to receive implants? Don’t feel too concerned – we will quickly get you up to speed regarding what it takes to become a good candidate for implants.

Are You Fully Informed?

If you think dental implants are something we place and restore within a day’s time, you will need to schedule a consultation with us, so we can fully explain what to expect. Unlike other devices like a dental bridge, implants first require surgical placement. Next, you will recover for several months. Then, we may restore the implants. This is a lengthy but quite worthwhile experience for which you may qualify if you can work with the requirements.

Are You Fit For Surgery?

About that surgical procedure – we will need to learn more about your health history and your current health standing to make sure you are fit to receive dental implant surgery. To begin the process, you will need to receive the implants, which will be implanted (as the name suggests) directly into your jaw tissue.

Do You Know About Your Jaw Health?

If your jawbone is healthy, full, and has not suffered any damage (such as the deterioration that may occur from gum disease or the absence of natural teeth), you will likely be given the green light to go ahead with implants. However, we cannot provide dental implants to patients with compromised jaw health.