Month: March 2016

3 Tips For Avoiding Sugar

Do you have quite the sweet tooth that – though you truly love indulging – is causing you some serious upset? As you know, the more sugar you consume, the more likely you are to find yourself dealing with tooth decay. The bacteria in your mouth love to eat the sugar particles on your teeth,… Read more »

How Are Your Hygiene Products?

Do you spend any time reading the packages of your dental hygiene products? Do you simply use what you’ve used since you were a little kid when it comes to toothpaste? How about dental floss – do you make thoughtful choices or simply grab the first item you see in the drugstore? The good news… Read more »

Make The Most Of Your Toothbrush

You may not give much credit to your toothbrush – it’s a small, seemingly inconsequential instrument that you keep in the bathroom. What you’re overlooking, however, is that this little tool has the capacity to help you avoid all manner of oral health problems, from tooth decay to gum disease. So, why not wield it… Read more »

Emergency Dentistry: 3 Things You Can Expect

When you find yourself in the midst of a completely unexpected dental emergency – which is how emergencies work, after all – do you know what to expect? You may assume that your usual levelheadedness will keep you calm without feeling frantic, so the need to prepare is unnecessary. Or, you may assume that you… Read more »

Protect Your Child’s Smile: 2 Simple Steps

Like many parents, you may feel quite anxious about finding ways to protect your child’s oral health. We understand! As much as you hope your child develops an independent commitment to keeping his or her smile healthy, you would like to take steps to safeguard those beautiful teeth for a lifetime. Good news: We offer a… Read more »