Emergency Dentistry: 3 Things You Can Expect

firstaidteethWhen you find yourself in the midst of a completely unexpected dental emergency – which is how emergencies work, after all – do you know what to expect? You may assume that your usual levelheadedness will keep you calm without feeling frantic, so the need to prepare is unnecessary. Or, you may assume that you will simply have to wait to see us until we can fit you in for a regularly scheduled appointment. If you can relate to either of these sentiments, we encourage you to learn more about the reality of what might happen during a dental accident and how to make the most of our emergency dentistry.

#1: To Feel Panicked

Even the most levelheaded of individuals often feels panicked when a dental emergency occurs. Perhaps a toothache or food lodged between teeth is something that one can handle without anxiety. However, accidentally dislodging a tooth or experiencing a broken tooth can cause serious nerves and shock to set in quite quickly. As a result, we suggest you prepare to make use of our emergency dentistry by jotting down our phone number and address and keeping it on hand. Then, you can take a few deep breaths regardless of the problem, call us, and stay as calm as possible without any additional worry.

#2: To Need A Ride

You very well may need a ride either to your emergency dentistry visit (particularly if you’re feeling shaken up), home from your visit if you receive sedation, or both. As a result, it’s always a good idea to make a plan with an emergency contact and to check in occasionally to make sure you’re both on the same page. You will know who to call without hesitation if a dental mishap occurs.

#3: To Receive Immediate Help

Suffering from a sudden accident? We offer emergency dentistry, so you can receive dental care seven days a week. Contact us right away when you feel you need help to fix the problem with your smile and we will schedule time to see you.