3 Tips For Avoiding Sugar

tipshelpfulDo you have quite the sweet tooth that – though you truly love indulging – is causing you some serious upset? As you know, the more sugar you consume, the more likely you are to find yourself dealing with tooth decay. The bacteria in your mouth love to eat the sugar particles on your teeth, which is followed by the release of acids. Sadly, the whole process leads to cavity formation that you would prefer to avoid. The positive spin here is that we have some helpful tips for how to successfully avoid sugar to protect your oral health.

Tip #1: Don’t Bring It In The House

An easy way to avoid problems like tooth decay that come from indulging is sugar is simply to avoid it. While this might not always be so easy when you’re at a restaurant or at work, there’s a very simple way to cut it out from your home life: Don’t bring it into your house. When it’s not there for you to grab, you will reach for a more satisfying, good-for-you snack.

Tip #2: Find Yummy Alternatives

Believe it or not, you can find alternative delicacies for yourself that do not contain sugar. If you’re mad about sweets, consider chewing sugarless gum to satisfy your craving – it happens to protect your smile from tooth decay! Or, reach for fresh veggies or cheese, both of which are satisfying and good for your smile.

Tip #3: Schedule A Treat Day (Brushing Included)

There’s no need to completely avoid sugar if it’s something you enjoy. However, to limit its negative side effects like tooth decay, consider scheduling time for your treats. Perhaps you will choose to eat a dessert on Friday, so you can look at it as a special event. Plan to rinse your teeth off with water after you eat the sweets. Then, after 30 minutes go by, brush that smile – it’s the safest way to eat sugar.