Month: April 2016

Oral Health Quiz: Luck Or Smart Planning?

When it comes to protecting your oral health, you may begin to wonder whether there’s a whole lot of luck involved or if preventive care and other efforts in dental care are really the required ingredients. The truth is, depending on the particular issue you’re thinking about (whether it’s tooth decay, an accidental break, gingivitis,… Read more »

Tongue Problems: What’s Happening?

Are you trying to figure out why your tongue is not its usual self? Have you discovered that its color is not what it used to be? Maybe it’s something about the shape of your tongue that is not looking too normal. Whatever the case, any change can be quite frightening. We would like to… Read more »

Quiz: Hydration And Your Smile

How much water do you drink every day? Are you under the impression that it’s good for your body but you’re not sure about whether it affects your smile? Perhaps you know that guzzling H20 is beneficial but if asked about how many glasses of water you should drink daily, you don’t have a definitive… Read more »

How to Put a Stop to Bruxism

Why should you worry about bruxism? The friction created by rubbing your teeth together can strip them of their protective enamel, which cannot rebuild itself like other tissues in your body can. Enamel-less teeth are highly vulnerable to damage and decay, and if left untreated, bruxism can lead to cracked/fractured teeth. The excessive pressure can… Read more »