Tongue Problems: What’s Happening?

questionmarkswhiteAre you trying to figure out why your tongue is not its usual self? Have you discovered that its color is not what it used to be? Maybe it’s something about the shape of your tongue that is not looking too normal. Whatever the case, any change can be quite frightening. We would like to guide you through what to expect and how to respond, so you can feel calm and at ease if your tongue gives you the feeling that something might be up with your oral health (remember, we offer comprehensive care so you have nothing to worry about).

What’s The Problem?

There’s a lot that can change with your tongue. It’s extremely important that you remember not every single change – even if it’s a shocking one – means that there’s something wrong with your oral health. In fact, many times a change is simply temporary or something we can easily fix. If it’s a more complex matter, we can still offer effective treatment to restore your smile’s health. Common problems include the presence of a white tongue (generally bacterial in nature – usually completely harmless), a red tongue (this might mean you just need more vitamins in your diet), and even indentations around your tongue (usually the result of bruxism).

What You Can Do

So, your tongue looks different and there may or may not be something wrong with your oral health. What to do? Should you look at the Internet, frantically searching symptoms and potential problems? Nope. You should call us immediately. We will do our best to provide you with a visit as soon as possible. By coming in to see us, you will find out exactly what is (or is not) wrong and we can go from there. Remember, our goal is always to protect the health of your smile.