Month: May 2016

Brushing Gone Bad: 3 Mishaps

When you think of your dental hygiene, you may not consider the many paths that you might take toward achieving good oral health. You may also overlook the fact that many paths that seem like the shortest or easiest are often false leads that will head you in the wrong direction. Fortunately, when you are… Read more »

3 Suggestions On Oral Health And Your Cell Phone

Do you ever find yourself standing with your toothbrush in one hand and your cell phone in the other, only to realize that you stopped brushing three seconds into your dental hygiene routine to watch a video on Facebook? If so, you might have a good idea of why we feel strongly about our patients… Read more »

Cosmetic Care Improvements: A Quiz

Have you become completely knowledgeable regarding what you can accomplish with cosmetic care? Perhaps you are fully aware that it will help your smile look better but there are some finer details regarding what you can achieve that you’re a bit unsure about. Let’s clear up those uncertainties by testing your knowledge! Making your way… Read more »

FAQs: Your Toothbrush

Patients often have a long list of questions for us about their toothbrushes and their dental hygiene habits. While questions about the length of brushing sessions and the type of toothbrush to purchase are usually first in line, we find that a particular variety of questions generally tends to follow. Rather than remaining in the… Read more »