3 Suggestions On Oral Health And Your Cell Phone

cellphonesmultiplehandsDo you ever find yourself standing with your toothbrush in one hand and your cell phone in the other, only to realize that you stopped brushing three seconds into your dental hygiene routine to watch a video on Facebook? If so, you might have a good idea of why we feel strongly about our patients taking a very thoughtful approach to using these forms of technology while caring for their smiles. As you may also realize, technology can be good – or not so good – depending on how you use it. Learn a bit more.

Detail #1: Don’t Talk And Brush

We suggest that you avoid talking on your phone while you brush your teeth. Unless you’re Skyping with someone you’re extremely close with (who will sit for two full minutes while you brush) this will cause too much distraction and ineffective dental hygiene.

Detail #2: Focus On Brushing Only

We know that multi-tasking is become a more and more important quality in today’s hustle-and-bustle world. However, whether you’re sharing a photo to Instagram or catching up on work emails, doing so during dental hygiene routines can lead to – you guessed it – unsatisfactory plaque removal.

Detail #3: Use Your Phone To Your Advantage

Set your phone up in an effort to promote efficient, successful dental hygiene if you like having it nearby. Here’s what you can do:

  • Set the timer to 2:00 minutes, hit “start,” and then brush. This will help you keep track of dental hygiene sessions to ensure you’re brushing for a sufficient amount of time.
  • Or, turn on a song that you love – this can make brushing something you look forward to. Take a bit of time to identify where the two-minute point is in the song (or choose a short song that lasts approximately two minutes) and track your brushing time this way instead.