Brushing Gone Bad: 3 Mishaps

oopsblueWhen you think of your dental hygiene, you may not consider the many paths that you might take toward achieving good oral health. You may also overlook the fact that many paths that seem like the shortest or easiest are often false leads that will head you in the wrong direction. Fortunately, when you are aware of how you should be brushing – and what just doesn’t work – daily care becomes quite easy to accomplish.

When You Demolish A New Brush In A Day

Have you purchased a new toothbrush, inspired and excited by the pristine bristles? Did you find after one use that the bristles look somewhat frayed, as though you’d been using the brush for several months? Unless, of course, you bought a very poorly made brush, this means you’re going overboard with the pressure. Ease way off and teach yourself to use a delicate approach to protect your oral health.

When You Concoct Your Own Whitening Toothpaste

Perhaps you want teeth whitening but you thought you’d give it a DIY try first. While attempting to create your own special paste has its merits, it is entirely too easy to irritate your gums and teeth (without seeing the results you want). Instead, speak with us first about all of your options. You have many.

When You Stick With Morning Or Night Brushing

Have you ever found yourself confessing to someone that you choose one time of the day to brush your teeth and stick with it? Unfortunately, while you may assume that brushing once in the morning or once at night is at least something, you are overlooking the fact that this may give tartar (hardened plaque you can’t remove with home dental care) time to form. This means that your once daily brushing will eventually not accomplish very much. Brush morning and night – it’s worth it for your oral health.