Flossing At Home And On The Go

dentalflossWhen you get serious about your dental hygiene sessions, you get serious about your plaque removal. As a result, flossing becomes something you do on a daily basis. While you may feel committed to this habit, you may find that you aren’t particularly thrilled with your experience. You may also discover that there are some situations during which you need to floss but you feel quite challenged. Here’s what you need to do: Consider some helpful suggestions for an easier, more enjoyable experience!

At Home

When you’re flossing at home, you have the luxury of using whatever your heart desires. Didn’t know you had so many dental hygiene options? Surprisingly, you do. First, when it comes to dental floss, consider the fact that you have different flavors, textures, floss width, and waxed or unwaxed options to choose from – try them all, if you wish, to discover what you like. You may also want to try a water flosser, which allows you to replace conventional floss with a stream of water for your hygiene sessions.

On The Go

When you’re out and about, you cannot quite drag your stationary water flosser with you. Nor do you want to pop a full size floss container into your pocket. Instead, keep a travel-size floss container on hand or remember to keep floss picks in your car or your bag. Floss picks are not to replace daily flossing during dental hygiene sessions but work wonderfully if you get something caught between your teeth while you are away from your bathroom.