See Your Dentist About Tooth Pain

see your dentist about tooth painIt would be hard to imagine anyone enjoying something like tooth pain. This type of discomfort can interfere with your ability to eat and drink. While some people will only experience short episodes of pain, others could suffer for prolonged periods. Tooth pain could be the result of several different issues. Your dentist can do what is necessary to restore your tooth and eliminate pain. In some cases, this can be a matter of treating a cavity. It could also be a matter of responding to an injury – even if you do not see signs of damage, trauma can cause problems with the interior of your tooth.

Responding To A Dental Emergency

Reach out to your dentist if a dental emergency comes up. If a problem is urgent, it is possible to arrange a same-day or weekend visit. If your tooth is cracked or knocked out in an injury, do not wait to address the situation. You can also receive help if you have an issue with an existing dental restoration. For instance, your dentist can offer quick treatment if you lose a dental crown.

Tooth Pain Caused By A Cavity

Tooth pain caused by a cavity can indicate that the cavity has reached your pulp, which is a real problem. At this stage, a root canal will be necessary to avoid entirely losing your tooth to decay.

Has Teeth Grinding Left You In Pain? Talk To Your Dentist

What if pain is not in one tooth, but several teeth? Or an entire row? You might be experiencing the effects of bruxism. Patients with bruxism grind their teeth, often at night, and may not know that it is happening. Your dentist can offer help to keep your teeth from suffering damage from bruxism.