Month: July 2016

Defending Your Kid’s Teeth With Fluoride And Dental Sealants

Regular dental visits for your children offer great protection for their teeth. They can learn good oral care habits directly from your dentist, so that they can effectively take care of their teeth at home. They also enjoy the cleaning and review that adults receive during visits. That being said, your children can be special… Read more »

Deciding On The Right Whitening Treatment For You

If you are feeling self-conscious about how your teeth have dulled over the years, a professional whitening treatment can feel like an obvious solution. Your dentist can provide prescription-strength whitening gels that attack stains that a store-bought product will fail to reach. You have the option of choosing to perform the treatments yourself, at your… Read more »

Dental Work With Composite Resin

Composite resin makes it possible to have dental fillings that are discreet, and effective. The material offers the benefit of a more tooth-like appearance, so it does less to affect your appearance than metal fillings. It can also bond directly to your tooth, which provides extra stability. The material has benefits for more than just the… Read more »

Stop Bruxism Before You Suffer Serious Dental Harm

You may think of a clenched jaw as a reaction to a moment of stress or anxiety, but people with bruxism will consistently do this unconsciously, often while they sleep. If you find yourself awakening to sensitive teeth, or pain in your face or jaw, this could be why. If you think you are dealing… Read more »

Not All Tooth Discoloration Is The Same

The color of your teeth can change over time. This is especially true if you are someone who engages in habits that are more likely to stain your enamel. Using tobacco products, drinking dark beverages, and insufficient brushing all have the potential to leave you with discolored teeth. However, this is not the only way… Read more »