Dental Work With Composite Resin

dental work with composite resinComposite resin makes it possible to have dental fillings that are discreet, and effective. The material offers the benefit of a more tooth-like appearance, so it does less to affect your appearance than metal fillings. It can also bond directly to your tooth, which provides extra stability. The material has benefits for more than just the field of restorative dentistry. Your dentist can correct the appearance of your teeth with the help of composite resin. In a process known as dental bonding, your dentist can cover up different flaws like chips and cracks, as well as correcting issues with a tooth’s size or shape.

Composite Resin Can Help Address Cosmetic Flaws

What makes dental bonding a popular cosmetic procedure? One benefit is tied to the cost of the procedure, as it can be cheaper than having porcelain veneers placed. You can enjoy a lower-cost boost to your appearance by correcting a problem tooth, including fixing discoloration that whitening treatments fail to treat. It should be noted that the composite resin will be less resistant to staining than veneers. Veneers are also expected to last longer.

Advantages Of A Composite Resin Filling Over A Metal Filling

Metal fillings have long been used to take care of cavities, but composite resin offers several extra benefits. Aside from the better appearance, composite resin can also stay more stable in your tooth. This is because this substance can bond directly with your tooth. The small space that can exist between a metal filling and a tooth can allow bacteria to infiltrate. Metal fillings also tend to expand and contract more when put through temperature extremes, which can be uncomfortable.