Deciding On The Right Whitening Treatment For You

deciding on the right whitening treatment for youIf you are feeling self-conscious about how your teeth have dulled over the years, a professional whitening treatment can feel like an obvious solution. Your dentist can provide prescription-strength whitening gels that attack stains that a store-bought product will fail to reach. You have the option of choosing to perform the treatments yourself, at your home, or to have your dentist perform the procedure in their office. Which method is the best? That will depend on you, and your particular needs. In some cases, you may need a different cosmetic dental treatment to correct your discoloration.

Choosing Between At-Home Or In-Office Treatment

There are several factors that can help you decide which whitening method to undergo. If you are more concerned with the cost, you may opt for the at-home procedure. However, if you feel that you need results faster, or if you want your teeth ready for an upcoming event, you can complete the treatment with just one visit to your dentist. If you are unsure what option will be right for you, your dentist is available, and can speak with you about the relative merits of each choice.

When A Whitening Treatment Might Not Be The Right Way To Correct Your Discoloration

For internal discoloration that whitening fails to sufficiently address, you may need to choose something other than a whitening treatment. One of the problems porcelain veneers can treat is discoloration. Your veneers can cover up discolored teeth, and the results can outlast the benefits of a typical whitening treatment. That being said, the veneers are permanently attached, and your dentist will have to verify that your enamel can handle having them affixed.