Month: August 2016

3 Issues That Can Lead To Big Dental Problems

Preventive dentistry is focused on eliminating issues that, over time, can lead to real oral health problems. Something you may write off as little more than a nuisance could set the stage for more serious problems. For instance, you may not like the way dry mouth feels, but this condition can actually lower your natural… Read more »

Addressing Tooth Loss – Which Prosthetic Is Right For You?

When you seek out prosthetic solutions to tooth loss, you benefit your smile, and your oral health needs. A missing tooth makes it harder for you to eat and speak, and it makes you more likely to lose even more teeth. There is also the increased chance of developing TMJ problems that leave you feeling… Read more »

How Dry Mouth Can Make Your Cavity Risk Go Up

One of the keys to preventing dental problems is paying attention to your relative cavity risk. Not everyone faces the same chances for having a cavity form, and a person’s individual risk is vulnerable to change. That change can be because of a change in their habits, or aging, but one issue you might not… Read more »

Quiz: Root Canals And Other Restorative Dental Measures

If you are dreading the possibility that you need a root canal, you should know that the procedure can stop a persistent toothache, and save you from losing a tooth. Restorative dental work fixes problems with your oral health that your body cannot fix on its own. For example, there is no way for you… Read more »