Quiz: Root Canals And Other Restorative Dental Measures

quiz root canals and other restorative dental measuresIf you are dreading the possibility that you need a root canal, you should know that the procedure can stop a persistent toothache, and save you from losing a tooth. Restorative dental work fixes problems with your oral health that your body cannot fix on its own. For example, there is no way for you to reproduce a lost secondary (“adult”) tooth, but a dental prosthetic can help you manage your loss. A root canal allows your dentist to address a problem in the center of your tooth that will not go away on its own. In fact, the problem can worsen, killing your tooth, and spreading to your jaw.

True Or False: A Root Canal Is The Only Technique That Can Fix A Cavity

False! There is time to stop a cavity before a root canal is called for, by removing a small cavity that has only affected your enamel. This also means the loss of less dental material, so your dentist may be able to fix your tooth with a filling.

True Or False: A Porcelain Crown Can Be Made To Look Like A Regular Tooth

True! By using porcelain, your dentist can offer you a lifelike restoration that protects your oral health without sacrificing your appearance.

True Or False: A Dental Implant Replaces A Lost Tooth By Using Neighboring Teeth As Anchors

False! A dental implant actually allows your dentist to offer you a replacement tooth that leaves neighboring teeth alone. The implant instead is placed directly in your jaw, and acts like a tooth root for the prosthetic.