How Dry Mouth Can Make Your Cavity Risk Go Up

how dry mouth can make your cavity risk go upOne of the keys to preventing dental problems is paying attention to your relative cavity risk. Not everyone faces the same chances for having a cavity form, and a person’s individual risk is vulnerable to change. That change can be because of a change in their habits, or aging, but one issue you might not relate to dental care is dry mouth. Dry mouth means you are not producing an adequate amount of saliva. That can be an uncomfortable feeling, but it also means you are losing protection for your teeth. Saliva washes away debris, delivers useful minerals, and can even neutralize oral bacteria. You may develop dry mouth from a lack of hydration, or from alcohol use, though some people will have suffer extended periods of it as a side effect of medication.

Other Benefits Of Staying Hydrated And Drinking More Water

Drinking more water can help fight back against dry mouth. When water is a substitute for sugary beverages, you can make an additional reduction in your cavity risk. Your water source can also have an impact on your dental health. Many tap water sources contain fluoride, a mineral that can help your teeth stay strong and resist cavities.

Checkups With Your Dentist Are Always Important – Especially When You Have An Increased Cavity Risk

Even if you are confident in your dental health, you should keep up with semiannual dental checkups. These visits are even more important if there is reason to believe you have a higher cavity risk. Your dentist can find small cavities you are not aware, and that early detection can mean avoiding a root canal treatment.