Addressing Tooth Loss – Which Prosthetic Is Right For You?

addressing tooth loss which prosthetic is right for youWhen you seek out prosthetic solutions to tooth loss, you benefit your smile, and your oral health needs. A missing tooth makes it harder for you to eat and speak, and it makes you more likely to lose even more teeth. There is also the increased chance of developing TMJ problems that leave you feeling discomfort in your face and jaw. Your dentist can provide more than one prosthetic option to restore your smile. You can receive a dental implant that holds your replacement tooth. You can also have a dental bridge, which is supported by dental crowns. Both offer permanent restorations.

Having A Dental Implant Placed

The process of having a dental implant placed requires oral surgery, as the implant is inserted directly into your jawbone. That being said, when you have a dental implant, you can support a permanently-fitted replacement tooth that does not interfere with neighboring teeth. The implant itself actually helps you by preventing jawbone deterioration, something that can happen after tooth loss. Your replacement tooth will have a realistic appearance, so that it is hard for people to identify it as something other than a regular tooth.

Being Fitted For A Dental Bridge

A dental bridge makes it possible to have a permanent replacement tooth without undergoing oral surgery. The bridge stays in place thanks to two crowns, which are fitted on the teeth surrounding the place where you need your replacement tooth, and hold that replacement in its spot. It should be noted that the bridge will not be able to address jawbone deterioration like a dental implant.