3 Issues That Can Lead To Big Dental Problems

3 issues that can lead to dental problemsPreventive dentistry is focused on eliminating issues that, over time, can lead to real oral health problems. Something you may write off as little more than a nuisance could set the stage for more serious problems. For instance, you may not like the way dry mouth feels, but this condition can actually lower your natural guard against cavities. Some issues may not seem like a problem at all, but if you engage in habits that tax your teeth, you may find yourself more likely to need restorative dental work over time. If you are worried about your relative cavity risk, you can always talk to your dentist for tips on how to improve your preventive efforts.

1. Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a condition that is technically called xerostomia. The reason it is bad news for your teeth is that saliva actually does good work in helping keep tooth decay at bay. Your saliva can neutralize oral bacteria, make it easier to rid your teeth of debris, and even carry important minerals to your enamel.

2. Bruxism

Bruxism can be painful enough on its own to make it worth seeking help. However, if you have delayed seeing your dentist about this habit of grinding your teeth, you could ultimately leave your teeth visibly worn, and can even cause serious dental damage.

3. A Poor Diet

How much sugar you consume can affect how likely you are to experience a cavity. If your dentist has expressed concern about how often you experience tooth decay, look to changes in your diet that cut back on sugar, and you can improve your odds of keeping them healthy.