A Smart Response To A Dental Emergency

smart-response-to-a-dental-emergencyYou should plan to have a preventive dental appointment every six months. Unfortunately, there is no way to plan for a dental emergency. If you are injured, find yourself experiencing sharp tooth pains, or have a damaged dental restoration, you can need dental treatment fast. Your dentist can certainly make that happen – if the situation calls for it, same-day and weekend appointments can be secured. You can receive guidance on managing the situation when you call to set your visit, and your dentist can work to restore your oral health.

Fully Taking Care Of A Dental Issue

What will come of an emergency dental visit? That hinges on what happened, and what level of care you need. Your dentist will do what is necessary so that your treatment ends with your oral health back in good condition. If a problem has developed with the tooth’s nerves, that might mean a root canal. If a tooth is not salvageable, your dentist can offer a prosthetic solution for your smile, like a dental implant.

Fixing Damaged Dental Restorations

A dental crown that is damaged or lost puts you in jeopardy, as it exposes a vulnerable tooth that needs protection. A problem with a dental filling can damage your tooth. In cases where something happens to your dental restoration, seek treatment as soon as possible, to protect any vulnerable teeth.

Cosmetic Work Can Cover Up Milder Damage

The trouble with a tooth injury is that something that causes “mild” damage can have more than a mild effect on your smile. For cases that call for no restorative work, a cosmetic dental treatment can help to hide damage.