Prevent Dental Problems By Addressing Bruxism

prevent-dental-problems-by-addressing-bruxismThink about how you felt when you woke up this morning. Did you feel refreshed, and ready to tackle the day? Unfortunately, many people awaken to feelings of discomfort in their teeth, jaws, and face. People with bruxism clench their teeth while they sleep, and do so with enough force to cause regular discomfort. If you are worried that you have been grinding or clenching your teeth at night, you should know that the problem can go beyond regular discomfort. If you do not address the issue in time, you might suffer serious dental damage – serious enough to warrant restorative dental work.

How Your Dentist Spares People With Bruxism From Dental Damage

Your dentist’s goal is to stop you from damaging your teeth when you experience bruxism. One way to achieve this result is to provide you with a mouth guard to wear while you sleep. It keeps your teeth separated, so that you are not grinding them against each other. An oral splint, which stops you from grinding at all, is another viable option. Both should keep you from suffering dental damage.

Tackling The Cosmetic Effects Of Bruxism

Bruxism may not have caused you serious dental harm. Unfortunately, it is still possible to build up an excess of wear and tear because of your teeth grinding habit. If you see evidence of unsightly damages on your teeth, you can address them through cosmetic dental work. A set of porcelain veneers can have your smile looking spectacular. However, you should make sure you have a means of addressing teeth grinding before having veneers placed, as they are vulnerable to damage if you continue to grind your teeth.