Month: October 2016

Why Should I Use A Dental Implant To Support My Prosthetic?

Tooth loss should be taken seriously – this problem is not merely about how you look. There certainly are valid concerns about how a missing tooth can affect your smile. You can be especially self-conscious if your lost tooth is in a more visible location. However, this should not diminish the impact tooth loss has… Read more »

A Root Canal Treatment Can Stop A Serious Cavity

On your own, you will not be able to stop a cavity. An unaddressed cavity will continue its spread, and at its worst, it can destroy your tooth, and spread bacteria to other areas beyond it. Restorative dental work requires the total removal of infected material from your tooth. What this involves will depend on… Read more »

Are You Ready For Whiter Teeth?

If you are going to undergo a whitening treatment, you should expect real, noticeable results. You can have a smile that improves by many shades when you elect to undergo a professional whitening treatment. Unlike typical store-bought items that offer to whiten your teeth, professional whitening agents will attack stains in your enamel that have… Read more »

Quiz: Preventing And Treating Cavities

One of your dentist’s major responsibilities is to help you prevent cavities from forming on your teeth. When you go in for a checkup, you undergo a professional cleaning effort, and you are carefully inspected for any warning signs something might be wrong with your oral health. If something does need to be addressed, the… Read more »