Are You Ready For Whiter Teeth?

are-you-ready-for-whiter-teethIf you are going to undergo a whitening treatment, you should expect real, noticeable results. You can have a smile that improves by many shades when you elect to undergo a professional whitening treatment. Unlike typical store-bought items that offer to whiten your teeth, professional whitening agents will attack stains in your enamel that have moved below the surface of your teeth. That way, you enjoy a dramatic improvement. Cosmetic dental work from your dentist can correct problems with the color of your teeth, and certain procedures can make important corrections to a tooth’s physical appearance.

Enjoying A Professional Whitening Treatment At Home Or At Your Dentist’s Office

You can choose between having your dentist whiten your teeth during an in-office appointment, or performing the whitening treatment yourself. Your dentist can make real changes in a short amount of time – only one treatment is needed to complete a whitening procedure. A session lasting forty-five minutes can see you leaving with a smile up to eight shades whiter. The at-home process requires half-hour treatments over the course of two weeks, and involves custom oral trays and whitening agents provided by your dentist. You will receive the necessary tools, and guidance, from your dentist.

Other Methods For Enjoying Whiter Teeth

Rather than using a whitening treatment, some people will use porcelain veneers to deal with their discoloration. This is because veneers can hide what is known as intrinsic discoloration, discoloration that happens because of an issue within the tooth. Veneers are also popular because their results will last, and because they can hide damaged or misshapen teeth, to radically improve how you look when you smile.