Month: November 2016

Even Healthy Teeth Benefit From A Dental Checkup

Regular dental checkups are your chance to learn how your smile is holding up. If you feel confident in how your teeth look, and believe there are no health issues you are facing, you may downplay the importance of an upcoming visit. It is important to understand that these checkups benefit you even if you… Read more »

Do You Have FAQs About Bonding and Contouring?

When a tooth becomes chipped or damaged, we always encourage patients to see a dental professional right away. Otherwise, what seems like merely a minor esthetic concern can lead to serious problems with oral health. We often repair teeth with a cosmetic procedure, such as bonding or contouring. Do you have questions about bonding and… Read more »

Make Sure Your Child’s Dental Needs Are Being Met

A parent will naturally worry about their child’s health. With support from your dentist, you can feel confident that your kid enjoys good oral health. Your dentist can be part of your child’s healthy development from an early age. In fact, you should plan to bring them in for treatment by their second birthday, or… Read more »

Be Ready For Big Smile Improvements With Porcelain Veneers

If your smile is currently affected by teeth that have cosmetic flaws, you can make a significant change to your appearance with porcelain veneers. Veneers, which are permanently fitted onto the fronts of teeth, hide a range of visible problems. Are you concerned about discoloration? A set of veneers can make your smile look whiter…. Read more »