Even Healthy Teeth Benefit From A Dental Checkup

even-healthy-teeth-benefit-from-a-dental-checkupRegular dental checkups are your chance to learn how your smile is holding up. If you feel confident in how your teeth look, and believe there are no health issues you are facing, you may downplay the importance of an upcoming visit. It is important to understand that these checkups benefit you even if you feel nothing is wrong. There could be a buildup of dental damage that puts you at risk for a cavity in the near future. You could have areas where tartar has taken hold – this material will need to be removed by your hygienist. You can spend more time cavity-free when you combine your regular care with professional dental care. If your dentist identifies a problem, your trip could spare you from allowing something like tooth decay to grow in severity unchecked.

Putting An Early Stop To Potential Problems

Your dentist can assess the condition of your teeth, and intervene when they feel something must be addressed. You may be cavity-free, but wear and tear on your teeth could suggest that you have been grinding your teeth at night. Your dentist can take care of this problem, bruxism, by outfitting you with a mouth guard that protects your teeth. Early signs of decay can also be addressed early.

What Can Happen When A Problem Has More Time To Develop

If a problem is left undiscovered, it can develop into a bigger issue. While a small cavity can be fixed with a more modest restorative dental treatment, decay that you do not address in time can do internal damage, and put you in need of a root canal treatment.