Month: December 2016

Why You Need Your Dentist’s Help Dealing With Tartar

You can take good care of your teeth on your own, if you follow smart oral health habits. You can lower your cavity risk by keeping clear of overly sugary or sticky items. You can protect your teeth and gums by cleaning them carefully – that means brushing at least twice a day, and flossing… Read more »

Need A Filling? You Need It Immediately!

Have you long assumed that when we mention you need a dental filling, you have a good month to several years before anything bad is actually going to happen to your tooth? Maybe you assume that your cavity is just going to remain identical to its current shape, size, and severity, so you figure it’s… Read more »

Providing The Whitening Treatment That You Need

There are several ways you can go about whitening your teeth, but not all methods are created equal. For instance, if you choose a store-bought whitening product, the benefits can be limited. For a bigger change, you can talk to your dentist about a professional whitening treatment. You can go in to see your dentist,… Read more »

3 Things Bruxism Affects (Besides Your Teeth)

Bruxism is a word dental professionals use to describe teeth grinding. While daytime grinding does occur,  brusixm also refers to nighttime tooth grinding. You may not be specifically aware when bruxism occurs if you are asleep. However, your dentist may notice the wear patterns on teeth.  You may suffer the dental consequences of cracks in the tooth… Read more »

Quiz: How Your Dentist Can Respond To Your Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can be a scary, upsetting experience. A damaged tooth can make you feel self-conscious, and you could endure real discomfort. Your dentist will strive to help take care of you when you suffer a dental emergency. They can often make themselves available for a same-day or weekend appointment if it is necessary…. Read more »