Quiz: How Your Dentist Can Respond To Your Dental Emergency

quiz-how-your-dentist-can-respond-to-your-dental-emergencyA dental emergency can be a scary, upsetting experience. A damaged tooth can make you feel self-conscious, and you could endure real discomfort. Your dentist will strive to help take care of you when you suffer a dental emergency. They can often make themselves available for a same-day or weekend appointment if it is necessary. You can feel at ease knowing that your dentist can help with your discomfort, and seek to preserve the appearance of your smile. Restorative dental work can be provided. Your tooth can be treated, and fitted with a dental crown for needed support. Superficial damage can be covered with a cosmetic dental treatment.


True Or False: Because a dental emergency can call for a timely response, your dentist can work to see you on short notice.

True Or False: The only way to address a chipped or cracked tooth is with a dental crown.

True Or False: Some dental injuries must undergo a root canal treatment.


True! A dental emergency will be taken seriously by your dentist. They will work to promptly provide the relief you need.

False! Not every injured tooth is hurt badly enough to make a dental crown necessary. If the harm is superficial, your dentist can help you by performing cosmetic dental work.

True! A dental injury that is serious enough to do internal damage will make it necessary to perform a root canal treatment. Undergoing this work can bring relief if your tooth is in regular pain after your accident.