Need A Filling? You Need It Immediately!

Have you long assumed that when we mention you need a dental filling, you have a good month to several years before anything bad is actually going to happen to your tooth? Maybe you assume that your cavity is just going to remain identical to its current shape, size, and severity, so you figure it’s just a matter of finally picking a time to come in. Unfortunately, you’ve got the details a little bit wrong! Putting off a filling can lead to all sorts of additional complications and problems! Find out more (and schedule your visit soon!).

Decay Continues To Advance

Did you know that your cavity is going to change, change, and change some more until you come in for your dental filling? Unfortunately, it won’t fix itself, fill in, or stop growing. Instead, it will advance until it’s destroyed your tooth! Stop this from happening by agreeing to a beautiful tooth-colored filling. You’ll rescue your immediate oral health, while preventing serious problems down the road.

Your Cavity Might Already Be Large

Did we mention that we noticed the very beginnings of tooth decay? Or, did we mention that we found a pretty sizable cavity that requires quick attention? If it was the latter, then delaying even for a few days or weeks could leave you with a much bigger problem on your hands: Tooth decay that becomes too serious for a dental filling. The result? You’ll need a crown (which will cost more and may require a lengthier visit).