How Not Caring For A Cavity Can Lead To A Tooth Extraction

So you are not exactly rushing to the dentist to have a toothache addressed? What’s the worst that could happen? You should know that if you ignore signs you have a cavity, you could find yourself needing involved restorative dental care. You should also know that you can reach a point where your tooth is no longer treatable, and the only recourse is for your dentist to extract your tooth. If you want to ensure you avoid learning your dentist has to remove a tooth, stay on top of your regular dental visits. These appointments can catch cavities early, so that the treatment process is less involved.

Using A Root Canal To Address Serious Tooth Decay

When tooth decay attacks the living tissue within your tooth, that tooth’s well-being is jeopardized. While extreme harm can require an extraction, your dentist can often save a tooth in this stage by performing a root canal treatment. That procedure will involve having infected tissues removed from within your tooth. After this is done, a dental crown will be set on it, to provide necessary support and protection.

How You Can Prevent A Serious Cavity From Developing

If you want to prevent serious dental trouble, you need to make sure you are a regular visitor to your dentist for routine checkups. Every time you go in fort an exam, your dentist can find a cavity, and set you up for treatment. When a cavity is caught in time, you can avoid extraction, and even escape a root canal. Smaller cavities can be removed from the tooth, and you can have a dental filling put in place.