Making Sure Your Porcelain Veneers Stay In Great Condition

If you are considering having porcelain veneers placed on your teeth, you should know the procedure can leave your smile with major improvements. You will be able to hide discoloration, even the forms of discoloration a whitening treatment will fail to fully address. You can also hide minor dental damage, and even be rid of congenital dental flaws that have been a source of embarrassment. If you take care of your teeth, and limit your exposure to items that could mar the look of your veneers, you can ensure that your improvements enjoy a long life. You will continue to brush and floss your teeth (though switching to a non-abrasive toothpaste is recommended). By limiting items that can cause stains – particularly dark liquids – you can ensure your new smile stays bright, attractive, and flawless.

The Process Of Having Veneers Placed

You will need to plan for two visits when you have veneers placed on your teeth. In the course of your first appointment, measurements will be taken to ensure that your veneers are an exact fit. Your teeth can also be treated, so that they fit properly, and do not have a pronounced effect. Once your veneers are made, you will return to have them bonded permanently to your teeth.

Alternative Cosmetic Dental Treatment Options

Porcelain veneers are not the only way to correct problems with your smile. A dental bonding treatment can be completed in less time, while costing less. Instead of having porcelain shells fitted on teeth, your dentist uses composite resin to hide flaws. The composite resin is less durable than porcelain, but patients can enjoy this lower-cost, less time-intensive option.