Month: February 2017

Your Experience During A Routine Dental Checkup

A routine dental checkup should come around on your calendar roughly every six months. When you keep on top of these appointments, you can enjoy better smile protection, and a lower cavity risk. You might benefit from your dentist’s guidance on cosmetic dental services, too. What happens when you go without these appointments? One reason… Read more »

Delaying Bruxism Treatment Can Be Consequential

Sure, it can be frustrating to wake up with sore teeth, or with pain in your face and jaw, but is it really such a big problem? Bruxism, the term used to describe a habit of clenching your teeth, is certainly more than just a nuisance. Think about how much force your jaw can produce… Read more »

Ensuring Your Cosmetic Dental Work Has A Lasting Effect

If you go in to see your dentist about a cosmetic dental treatment, it is unlikely you only want the procedure’s benefits to last for the short term. With proper care, the right cosmetic procedure can have a lasting effect on your looks, and your overall confidence. If you want to enjoy changes that endure,… Read more »

Developing A Good Cavity Prevention Strategy

When you develop a good cavity prevention strategy, you can offer your teeth superior support. While many people recognize the basic responsibilities of maintaining their oral health, cavities are still a common problem. If you improve your level of care, you can lower your risk for tooth decay. Any plan you form for good oral… Read more »