Taking Action To Address Tooth Loss

How much of an effect can tooth loss have on your oral health? There are several issues you can face when you fail to address a gap, or gaps, in your smile. Your ability to bite and chew can be affected for the worse, as your normal jaw function depends on a full set of teeth. If that compromised jaw function is not addressed, it can lead to TMJ problems that cause you sustained pain. You could also see more teeth lost, as an absence will rob neighboring teeth of support they need. Of course, these concerns are centered on your oral health – you can also have understandable additional concerns about how you look. Your dentist can work with you to provide the help you need in regaining your full smile.

Can I Rely On A Prosthetic For Biting And Chewing?

A permanent prosthetic, including a prosthetic with the support of a dental implant, can help you bite and chew like normal again. This is important, as it allows you to return to a more natural motion when you eat, and when you speak. Many patients appreciate how a permanent prosthetic does not leave them distracted by a loose restoration.

What Can Happen To A Person With Unaddressed Tooth Loss?

As time passes, your jawbone may shrink when you have unaddressed tooth loss. This takes place because your teeth – specifically the roots of your teeth – stimulate your jawbone when you move your jaw to bite, chew, and speak. Without those roots, stimulation is lost, and adequate nutrients are no longer delivered to the bone, leading to the loss of material.