Month: April 2017

Turning To Your Dentist For Help With Bruxism

Grinding your teeth while you sleep can lead to some unpleasant mornings. After all, a daily sensation of discomfort in your teeth and jaw make it hard to start your day on the right foot. The short-term issues created by bruxism can be unpleasant, but they should not make you lose sight of the longer… Read more »

A Day In The Life Of Your Smile

What do you put your smile through in a typical day? It might be an odd question, but remember that every time you eat or drink, your teeth face risks, and not just cavity risks. Over time, wear and tear will occur. You could be contributing to your risk by choosing a diet that is… Read more »

What Tartar Is Capable Of Doing To Your Smile

Are you familiar with what separates tartar from plaque? Plaque that is allowed to stay on your teeth will harden. When that hardening occurs, the resulting substance is termed tartar. Tartar is particularly frustrating because it can resist at-home cleaning efforts. You may pride yourself on good brushing and flossing habits, but tartar can remain… Read more »

Addressing A Serious Cavity With A Root Canal Treatment

No one should look forward to having a cavity, and you would certainly have a hard time finding someone who was excited to undergo restorative dental treatment. Cavities are a well-known problem, and people tend to be aware of how to prevent them, but unfortunately, they still persist. In cases where tooth decay has reached… Read more »