Quiz: How Dental Checkups Benefit You

If you are not receiving regular checkups from your dentist, you are not enjoying the best possible preventive dental care. As important as your daily dental care is, it will not match the advantages found in these routine exams. Every time you go in for preventive care, you enjoy the benefits of a professional teeth cleaning, which eliminates tartar – without those cleanings, tartar will persist despite your best efforts. In addition to checking for cavities, your dentist is on the lookout for any problems that might hurt your oral health. For instance, if they notice signs of teeth grinding, they can point them out, and offer help with this condition.


True Or False: Your dentist will only discuss problems like TMJ dysfunction and bruxism if you schedule a special appointment. This will not ever be addressed in a routine exam.

True Or False: Your dentist might find a cavity, even if you do not think anything is wrong.

True Or False: Your hygienist can remove tartar from your teeth, but you should have taken care of it already before coming in for your checkup.


False! During a dental exam, your dentist is watching for any problems that might put your oral health in jeopardy. If something is observed, they will discuss it with you, and talk about your treatment options.

True! You might not realize that a cavity has started to form, but that does not mean it will escape your dentist’s notice. They can point it out, and you can arrange for restorative dental treatment.

False! You need the care of a professional cleaning to remove tartar. Brushing and flossing can remove plaque and food debris, but tartar is tougher, and needs your hygienist’s care.

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