3 Ways We Take Care Of Your Kid’s Teeth

When your child has erupted their first baby tooth, it’s time for them to visit the dentist. Establishing a routine of regularly visiting the dentist at least every six months is vital for your child’s long term oral health. The quality of care for their baby teeth can have profound effects on their adult teeth as well. Your dentist can offer your child a number of helpful services in an environment that is comfortable and fun. Here are 3 ways we take care of your kid’s teeth.

We Provide A Comforting Environment

A cold, sterile environment is not very welcoming to a young child who has never been to a dentist’s office before. Your dentist tries to ease your child by providing a warm, soothing atmosphere that will help them feel at ease. This is achieved by providing a play area for kids to enjoy, along with treasure chests full of prizes to add some fun and excitement to the experience.

Regular Cleanings

As soon as your child’s first tooth has erupted, that tooth is vulnerable to decay. Your dentist can provide regular cleanings to maintain your child’s oral health. Your dentist can also teach your child good oral health care habits that can help to ensure a healthy smile now and well into the future.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a vital part of preventing tooth decay and cavities. This element works to strengthen your teeth and its enamel by replacing lost minerals. Your dentist applies fluoride gel to your child’s teeth after a thorough cleaning, providing years of protection in a matter of minutes.

Dentistry For The Whole Family

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