Ready For A Dazzling White Smile?

ready for a dazzling white smileWhen you feel insecure about your teeth and smile, it affects your confidence. As far as cosmetic issues go, discolored teeth are some of the easiest to deal with. While whitening can be easier and less invasive than other cosmetic dentistry options, it can still provide a remarkable impact on your smile. Discoloration and stains can come from several lifestyle factors such as your morning coffee, smoking, and certain foods. Routine brushing and flossing and your six-month dental cleaning can all help to keep stains at bay, but sometimes professional whitening is needed to remove tough stains. 

In-office treatment

If you and your dentist decide that professional whitening is for you, you can choose between an in-office treatment or a take-home option. The in-office treatment can provide rapid results. In one visit, your teeth can get up to eight shades lighter. Dr. Jing uses Philips Zoom!® as the in-office treatment. With this option, a peroxide-based whitening gel will be applied to your teeth. A special light will be used to activate the gel. The gel will continue to sit on your teeth for about 15 minutes. Depending on your desired shade, this process can be repeated.

A take-home option

For those with sensitive teeth or budget restrictions, you may choose to do the take-home option. You will be provided with whitening gel and a specially designed mouth tray custom fit for your mouth. The process will take about 30 minutes each day for about two weeks. There is also an overnight option available. The results of this take-home option are comparable to the in-office treatment.

You can choose the best whitening treatment for you

Dr. Jing and his team at 7 Day Dental are ready to brighten your smile. To schedule a consultation, contact our office closest to you at 817-405-2001 on Jacksboro Highway, or at 817-405-0195 on Seminary Drive or 817-339-6413 in Lake Worth.